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Sep 14, 2018

Sebastian Zeiss joins us and shares his epiphany and ensuing action: 

We actually start noticing the moment we're doing more and more, I would call it hybrid solutions, because in the beginning IT was really closed off. They wouldn't let us talk to the actual developers. Now, we're actually talking to the developers, and sometimes, you know, "why the heck did you build a bot for this? We have an API. Why don't you just use it?" That's really good stuff because it increases stability, it makes us more efficient, and the IT guys are not afraid anymore, which is the benefit. They'd say we don't have an API, of course, why don't you use a bot? But if we have one, please, please, use the API. So, in that sense, I would say that having internal competition to our IT, really was beneficial for the company because it really made everyone rethink how to approach things.