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Sep 21, 2018

Siemens, Tobias Unger on Confidence Bias: "Well, on a proof of concept basis, we have done a lot with, chatbots that can help you get information out of information at Siemens. So, basically, simple use cases, like, "Okay, where is my invoice?" The question, "Where is my invoice?", for a company like Siemens, implies that you know which documents you are talking about, because you could end up in any of our 53 URP systems, so there has to be some intelligence in the process on the side of this bot. You first have to find out, which document are you are talking about, and where do I have to go, in order to find it? This implies that you have a structured conversation. I' really going on a development level, that means that you have to think the conversation very well through, because you have to structure it in a way that bot always gets ... that the user somehow is also guided. It's not that you can expect any information from the person that is requesting the information, but you really have to try to guide this person to the point that you're actionable. And this requires a lot of nudging in the process, while you chat protocol, in order to really ensure that the bot doesn't come to a point where it just doesn't know what to do next."