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Jun 29, 2018

On the focus of the organization and what kind of talent for which they’re, Executive Director of Macquarie Group, Glen Skarrot is focused on finding “efficiency through relentless automation [which] should see us achieve some really hefty goals in relation to providing the business at the right price.” He notes that there will be changes in the talent for the enterprise and that the organization wants "people that are happy and looking for change. We want people that are asking questions and are curious. We don’t want people coming in and just doing a process.” And the company is open-minded itself, “we're very focused on diversity. Not only our gender diversity, but also diversity of the skill sets that our people have. So, actually bringing in people with IT skills, into finance, bringing in people with certain data skills, data scientists, mathematicians, those different skill sets also bring in a different way of looking at things, which is really helpful when we're coming to think about problems that we have."