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Apr 13, 2018

Tyrone Grandison joins us and shares that you need to focus on the customer and that your business is an IT business. First, "You need to be focused acutely on your customer, your client. So, I run the technology department, so my customer is everyone that is at IHME, and the 3,000 collaborators that depend upon us, right? Plus everyone that actually uses our results, etc, etc, etc. My thing is, how do I actually make them efficient, make them happy, and make sure that whatever I do fits within their workflow? Creating a separate entity to actually do that."
And second, "IT is a business driver, IT should be at the table when you actually make decisions. All decisions should be about what the core mission is, which is completely ... Well, not completely different, but a different way of thinking about it. But, if you don't believe that IT is going to actually help you be more efficient, is going to support your task, is going to drive you to actually more profit, more growth, more impact."